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Every Spring March and April

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The National Kicking Service Professional Free Agent Evaluation is for placekickers and punters who believe they are ready to compete for a position at the highest level or feel they have the potential to do so. This is an individual one on one session with Coach Muriaty and not only an opportunity for pro prospects to showcase their talents, but also receive honest expert evaluation and coaching expertise.

The NKS Professional Free Agent Evaluation ensures players every opportunity to exhibit their skills. This is not a mass tryout, or one with other positions being tested where there is insufficient time to stretch and warm up properly while awaiting one’s turn only to receive limited chances. NKS believes it’s just not right for dedicated hard working players, many of whom travel long distances and invest their money, to be treated with disrespect.

The NKS Advantage

  • All sessions are one on one with Coach Muriaty, himself.
  • Fair and honest evaluations.
  • All players are treated with respect.
  • There is plenty of time to warm up. You won’t be rushed.
  • Players receive a copy of their charts and test results with coaching advice.
  • All participants retain NKS as their personal consultant.
  • NKS offers programs for players who wish to improve their skills.
  • Unlike some tryout camps, placekickers, punters, and long snappers selected as legitimate pro prospects are not obliged to sign coaching or representative agreements that may limit their options.
  • Participants who wish to be tested in all skills…field goals, kickoffs, and punting may do so at no extra cost.
  • Because of NKS’s reputation and track record, all pro evaluations are taken seriously.

Tryout Description

  • Placekickers will be evaluated on kickoffs and field goals. Each testing will consist of 5 kickoffs for maximum hang time and distance and 15 field goals from 30 to 60 plus yards. Players will be evaluated on the best set.
  • Punters will be evaluated on distance, hangtime, accuracy and hand to foot speed. Each testing set will consist of 15 punts. Players will be evaluated on the best set.get away
  • Sessions run approximately two hours.

Who is eligible to attend NKS Professional Free Agent Evaluations?

These sessions are for professional football placekicking and punting prospects age 19 years or older, who have no college eligibility remaining and have not been drafted by any professional team.

Maximum Exposure

Placekickers and punters who are evaluated as Pro Prospects will have their rating and test results forwarded to all NFL, CFL, Arena Football League, and United Football League teams. Results will also be posted on the NKS Pro Prospect website, Results remain posted for two years. Subjectively, pro prospects become part of the NKS national network with contacts throughout North America.

No Guarantee

NKS cannot guarantee participants a contract or invited tryout with any professional team. We do guarantee that all players will be fully and fairly evaluated and treated with respect.


How do I register?

Call 781.837.4963 (voice only) or email Sessions run approximately two hours. The Professional Free Agent Evaluation fee is $350.

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