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There are always "bumps in the road" as we work toward our goals in the special teams skills. It's how we handle them that is most important. Did you know that Jeff Reed was a walk-on at UNC and didn't see the field until his junior year?......that he was cut by the...

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Psychology 101 for Specialists

Managing Your Mental and Physical State We have all heard professional athletes say performing their skill is 99% mental. While that is obviously an exaggeration, the point is well taken that mental preparation plays a much bigger role in performance than most...

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KICKING TIPS-August 2018

PUNTERS: One of the major faults in aspiring punters is overstriding. Keep your steps relatively short - especially the first one!   PLACEKICKERS: When placekicking from the hashmarks there should be absolutely no change in mechanics. All kicking is from point A...

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Nationwide Summer Kicking Camps, Punting Camps, and Long Snapping Camps

To unlock your full potential in kicking, punting, and long snapping, follow the NKS Website Game Plan!

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