Long snappers are a huge part of the NKS program.

National-Kicking-Service-kickpunt -Long snappers are a huge part of the NKS program.

A common misconception presumes there is really little instruction or specific training necessary to become proficient at the skill. Nothing could be further from the truth. Principles of sports biomechanics and task specific training are essential for all skills. NKS long snappers receive the most advanced training through, in part, a series of drills with and without the football. These drills reinforce the most mechanically efficient method of snapping the ball. Campers will learn revolutionary training exercises that have our snappers achieving phenomenal snap times and accuracy.

Video analysis, sports biomechanics classroom instruction, physical and mental training meetings are all part of the camp experience. NKS long snappers have their own coaches and receive full time instruction during the entire camp, unlike what other programs may offer. (Long snapping if offered at these camp locations only: McDaniel College, Monmouth University, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, California Lutheran University, and Stetson University.)

This picture features at the far left All American Long Snapper Phil Faccone from Wagner University in Staten Island, New York. On the far right is legendary NKS Senior Long Snapping Coach Bobby Prichard from Urbana High School in Ijamesville, Maryland.

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