Placekicking, punting, and long snapping are three of the most demanding individual skills in the world of sports when performed at a high level. Placing the body parts in the right places at the right time (sports biomechanics) with a basic knowledge of how the body functions is essential for success. These are three refined technical skills, not just gross body movements, and require task specific training.

Weight training, stretching, running, plyometrics, progressive resistance work, mental training etc., are all important elements in a complete training regimen, but form is # 1.

While every player is idiosyncratic…two steps/three steps, punting grip, PK angle of approach, LS extension, etc. … there are certain biomechanical parameters that just cannot be breeched. If a player is stubborn and will not adjust they will never reach their potential regardless of the amount of physical training.

The first step is to acquire the correct knowledge from a reputable source. There are still old myths and misconceptions, some bordering on bizarre, being taught out there. There is nothing worse for a specialist than etching incorrect mechanics into the muscle motor memory. The second step is establishing a disciplined training program using whole and part drills with and without the football, measured actual skill practice, video analysis, and mental practice (visualization, internal representations, etc.).

The “MAGIC” of Sports Biomechanics is sometimes beyond belief. A seemingly small adjustment of the plant foot in a high school kicker can add 15 yards. Comprehending and implementing the counterbalance principle can add a half a second in hang time to a punt. Initiating the snap from the core instead of the arms can take two tenths of a second off of a long snap. Of course it doesn’t always happen “overnight” but it will happen.

Maybe the most rewarding aspect about the specialist position for me as a coach is that any young athlete no matter what size can accomplish amazing things and make dreams come true with proper training and a passion. We see it all of the time across the USA.

The staff and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you, take it to the next level, and have a blast in the process. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me for help, or with any questions about the National Kicking Service program..

Best Regards,

Coach Muriaty

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