Why do some talented high school players “fall through the cracks”?

A considerable number of talented placekickers, punters, and long snappers do not receive the “exposure” necessary to attract interest from colleges and universities. This may limit their choices for a college education and collegiate football career. What are some of the reasons?

  • Playing at a small school with minimum exposure.
  • Injury
  • Geographic location of school; some areas of the country are more heavily recruited than others. This is especially true for placekickers and punters.
  • Players beginning their high school careers late.
  • Players with collegiate ability receive little or no playing time because of extreme depth at their position (“He would start at any other school in our conference/district.”).
  • Physical development: some athletes physically mature more slowly than others.
  • Because of the strength of their team in a particular year some players receive insufficient competitive opportunities to exhibit their abilities fully.
  • Players and parents not fully comprehending the recruiting process.

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